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Karl Urquhart
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Do you think we should rename aikido terminology f

Do you think we should rename Aikido terminology from Japanese to other languages?

Take in mind I am new to Aikido, but not the arts. However! From what I have studied and read in the last year, it should be a resounding Yes! And it should be in the true sprit of one in harmony and sprit; this can best be done in unity as one family (the purpose of Aikido is not to learn to speak Japanese / that should be left to the individual, as a sign of respect for O' Sensei). As I have read it every where, it was O sensei‘s fondest wish that Aikido be used to awaken mankind to the realization that the world is one family, and that world does not all speak Japanese! It will not hurt but only help by making AIKIDO understandable in many languages with out confussion.


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