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Re: Saito sensei's path was wrong?

Jorgen Matsi (Jorx) wrote:
I heard a -rumor- and I would want to know weather it is true or just a bad rumor. ... made a statement that Saito's ways were a mistake or a failure and that Iwama-ryu is not "the real thing".
Yikes! That's such a sketchy thing to discuss as a rumor. I have always been saddened by the rift between followers who believe their 'way' is the 'true' way.

Having started out in an aikikai-affiliated dojo, with a sensei who was highly influenced by M. Saito-shihan I would say that my forms are 'Iwama' if cornered and required to define or box my style. But never would I have a compunction to say that my 'way' was more true than any other's.

I have great difficulty imagining that H. Saito would ever say that, and when training in the dojo, my sensei -does- discuss differences in for between M. Saito, and H. Saito sensei and the differences are more about being more side or forward facing at a certain point in a technique. The 13 Jo awase has some differences, but in no way have we deviated so much as to reject M. Saito Shihan's teachings.

Hope that this was not said and/or this rumor does not take off.

"To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society." ~Theodore Roosevelt
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