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John Boswell
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After a little over a year in Aikido, I find myself with an erratic schedule, but still have the desire to pursue the art.

I've learned a great deal, but there is so much to learn. At this time, my goal is to fine tune the skills I have now and improve my ukemi which needs a lot of work.

Overall, my goal is to stick specifically with Aikido. I have no intention of cross training with others until well after attaining black belt rank in Aikido. Any change up in what I'm doing I believe would only hinder my ability and skill in what I do now.

Working in the dojo during normal hours is sufficent to me. There are many things that can be practiced on my own outside of class if I so desire: Jo work, Tenkan/Tenkai, basic hand movements... just walking and concentrating on body position and hand postition gives me plenty to think about. Using a Kokyu Ho hand postition to push a grocery cart might look odd, but I'm amazed at what I've learned from it.

That's my 2 cents.

Good luck in your training!

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