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Setting personal goals

Do you set personal goals for yourself in Aikido?

If so, what are you working on and more importantly, how do you go about working on said aspect in a general dojo environment.

To give an example, I was knocked down by colds and flu a couple of weeks ago and in the past two weeks I have upped my training schedule by trying (with limited success) to attend more classes per week. My goal being to get back into the swing of things faster.

I have a few aspects and technicalities earmarked to work on when I am fully back in the saddle which should be next week. But to work on these things, I either need to con a fellow student into staying after class with me or I have to practice on my own.

Also I am dying to get a bit of play time in with someone from another art, but as soon as I do anything they are not familiar with they back off, its quite frustrating, where can I find a kickboxer who is not afraid of falling? And how do you handle these urges for a bit of martial rough-housing?
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