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Iwama_Ryu wrote:

It is the christianitys mentality that is bad NOT the religon itself.
To date, what percentage of the Christian population have you personally met? Of that percentage, do you think it is possible to make a fair judgement of the entire Christian mentality?

Making such a judgement would be like making a judgement of the 'Canadian mentality' based upon the few Canadians I have personally met. Or, more accurate in the sense of this analogy, making a judgement on the 'Jewish mentality' based upon the few Jews I have personally met.

As for your suggestion that Christians think themselves better than others... if a Christian did think that, they wouldn't be a very good Christian. I have yet to hear of a Christian sect that teaches that living by their creed makes them a better individual. This would be similar to believing I am a better person than a kareteka because I practice aikido rather than karate. It's just plain goofy. Again, you might have run into a few who think that way, but that is not how they should be thinking, and they can hardly suffice for the rest of the Christian population.
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