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Charles Hill wrote:
Paul even thinks it is a way of weeding out people.

When did I say that? My comment was that the english translations would all be different, and would probably get in the way. For example- how would you translate "tsuki"? If you just change it into "punch", how is it different from a haymaker, jab, cross, hook, etc?

I'm definitely not for using japanese as a screening device. If being allowed to train or not was solely dependent on my japanese, I wouldn't be doing aikido.

As far as deeper meanings of techniques go, I think that there is something to be gained by puzzling it out for yourself (guidance is a plus...but as for making something yours, you have to do it on your own). Based on what I see from the reactions of the people around me in my dojo, having all of the terms in your native language (japanese) doesn't seem to make it easy or instantly understandible. There is still a LOT of explaination that goes on about what things "really" mean anyway.
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