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Actually I thought I had made clear that I have no objection to the common terms for technique - in fact I find it helpful to keep students from any preconceived ideas of what the English translation might suggest.

My opposition is to the more obscure, technical and mystical concepts. English helps clarify and develop understanding among English speaking people when someone has studied them for thirty or more years and where understanding is almost by osmosis.

Maybe some Spanish students can help me, didn't some very famous writer, I don't remember if it was San Luis Martin or Gabrial Garcia, one of the greats , write about a thousand pages trying to explain the simple word 'machismo' to the English speaking world? And didn't he wind up saying it was impossible to translate? Could japanese terms be any more obtuse?

I am trying to make this easier for my students. I already understand the terms. My object is to make them more understandable to them.

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