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Charles Hill
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Dave and Fiona,

You have quoted my sentence out of context. I realize now that I should have been more careful to make my meaning clear. The idea of there being no need to name techniques is only in a situation where one is practicing with people they don't know, for example, at a seminar in a different country. I certainly don't think the techniques shouldn't have any names. Please consider that paragraph one complete thought.

I have practiced with many people from all over the world at the Aikikai Honbu dojo. Often, we never say a word. That in no way inhibits our practice. The common language is our body movement.

My point was (and is) that I just don't understand some of the arguments people have used to support keeping the Japanese. Anne Marie writes, "..they were able to know what techniques we were doing because we used the Japanese terminology." This reflects what a number of people wrote. I don't understand it. I have never seen a class where the teacher gets up and says, "Everybody, do shihonage," without demonstrating. And I hope I never do.

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