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the only reason i enterd aikido was because i wanted to be able to fight like steven seagal to be honest.
Wow. What a great dream. It's almost impossible for me to imagine being motivated by something like this, but it's hard not to respect something so clean and simple and pure. And I say this without sarcasm.

Judging your own training, particularly early on in the study of any art, is very hard to do. The bedouin have a saying that I heard once and really liked: the path is wiser than the man. That is, even if it doesn't look like the trail is going in the right direction, you are usually better off following it than heading off bushwacking in what you think the right direction is. There may be a very good reason to go around.

That said, you may want to have a serious discussion with your instructor about the goals of your training and whether he or she thinks this is something you are likely to gain from studying in their school. Also, talk about how long it will take. Ultimately, if they say they can teach you what you want, you will either have to trust the path they offer or stop training with them. If they don't offer what you want, or if you don't trust them enough to follow the path they lay out, then you should find someone who can offer you those things.

At least, I think that's right.

Yours in Aiki
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