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I really think some of you need to spend a few minutes thinking about this. Laziness is sitting and absorbing and accepting without putting in the effort to define and understand, really understand, the terminology. In order to really understand so many of these principles takes decades of study, not a surface understanding.

In order to define, interpret into English, and teach these ideas in English requires far greater effort than merely parroting what your previous instructor taught you. But the effort is worth it if we can achieve better results and greater understanding in a shorter period of time. It would be nice to achieve sandan expertise and wisdon in the normal time it takes to reach nidan, no?

By interpreting the concepts into English I believe that we can accomplish this. Look at it this way...

When I began studying in 1969 most teachers were either shihans in the major markets or shodans out in the burbs. We learned Aikido the way a shodan knew it. Then as he progressed we learned it the way a nidan knows it. And so on. We had to keep updating our knowledge and understanding as our sensei progressed. Would have been a lot easier and quicker to have just learned it the way a shihan does it. But most shihans were obtuse and entrenched in their Japanese mystique.

Then came Saotome Sensei who studied hard to learn English and has written books defining the Japanese concepts into English, it was easier and faster. Saotome Sensei doesn't belabor the Japanese terms - he is proud of speaking English and defining the art in English.

Can we do any better than emulate him? O'Sensei wanted the art to be world wide, so let it be. I have books showing Shioda
sensei teaching in a suit and tie. No hakima, no gi. Tomiki students never where a hakima.

Tradition is nice. Sometimes fiercely adhearing to it is just plain lazy.

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