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I was very interested in religion and philosophy when I was younger (and still am). Aikido opened me up to Zen philosophy, which tends to be ommitted from many taught philosophy causes (which concentrate on Western philosophy). A central theme of buddhism is that the truth can only be found within yourself. Worth investigating.

Although I would not consider myself a christian, I have a reasonably good knowledge of christianity and its history. I still believe in many things which Jesus is purported to have said, and to me christianity is a very radical and ground breaking religion. Unfortunately, as with many religions, the establishment tries to use religion for its own needs; which is why I think many people still see themselves as spiritual but do not go to church. Even the book of John is supposed to be very corrupted to fit into what he wanted the bible to say. It is worth reading 'The Book of Q' (e-mail me if you want more details) which describes how much of the peripheral rubbish surrounding Jesus' teachings came about, and also tries to develop the core which Jesus may actually have taught.(it is an authoritative account).

It is worth considering that questioning your own beliefs are good and it can lead to one of two things; an abandonment of those beliefs, or a refinement of those beliefs.

Also, are you aware that Ueshiba was involved with a religion heavily influenced by christianity?

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