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Happy Tuesday

In the words of my sensei: "Happy Tuesday!!!"

I've been doing Aikido for a couple years and this is something that I love to do. I plan on doing it forever. Even when they put me in the grave I'll be trying to put some sort of ikkyo on someone.

BTW Thanks Jun for helping solve that problem with my account the other day!

I'm studying under Ron Sims Sensei (Taking his 4th dan this weekend -- Best wishes and happy throwing!!! ) and Lara Anderson Sensei (Taking her Nidan this weekend also -- again happy throwing and best wishes!!! also best wishes to Kirsten on taking her shodan!!!!) at the Jyushinkan Dojo (the site's still under construction but you can also see a little more here

I'm currently studying to be an Environmental Engineer at Utah State University, also under Ron Sims (if I don't do my homework or complete my projects on time I get thrown extra hard )

I'll be in Logan for another year and then I hope to graduate with my masters. Then it's off to the wide world of job hunting. (I've done a bachelor's in BIS, and now in a completely different field )

Just sayin' Hi!
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