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Charles: That is really interesting, thanks! I actually was commenting to someone just yesterday that I knew so little about Kisshomaru because he is always so quiet.

Lyle: Aggression is aggression. That's my point. Everyone speaks it, but not everyone is fluent enough to control the direction of the "conversation". Without letting the language analogy get out of hand, simply put, if you boil down ANY conflict of any kind you will find that they are all subject to universal laws. When someone attacks you, they have to direct force at you in some way, be it verbal, physical, financial, whatever. They can't attack without doing so. That is just one example, but you see that once you understand the basic underlying principles which govern conflict, you can apply that understanding to any situation. It is impossible for someone to not speak the "language" of aggression, because the "language" I am referring to is the universal laws which govern any destructive exchange.

Dave: I agree with you that this is a tiresome and largely irrelevant argument, but it seems to pop up over and over, not just on this board, but everywhere. My main reason for making this post is that I had never seen my particular viewpoint expressed anywhere in response to the question. I just wanted to throw it out there and see if there was anyone around who feels the same way I do. Thanks.

Christopher: Thanks for the historical insights! I love learning more about the history of my art.
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