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Brian Vickery
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Re: You got it wrong!!

Iwama_Ryu wrote:
Creature of id i didn't what wrote to you i was just uppset i hsve lot of troubles in my life created by religion and its questions.
Before making such sweeping decisions & generalizations, let's stop & define some terms here.
First off, let's separate Christianty into two catagories, one being 'spirituality' and the other being 'religion'.

Spirituality is YOUR personal relationship with Christ, having nothing to do with anything or anybody else. It's just between you and Him!

Religion is the 'man-made' institution which seeks to control & organize people in an effort to do what they feel God's work here on Earth. This is the area where problems are created and the atrocities of history have taken place.

Now, in this context, do you see how the philosophies of both O-Sensei & Christ fit nicely together? Both talking about protecting others, peace & harmony for all people! It's a connection of 'spirituality' and has NOTHING to do with 'religion'!!!!

Just some food for thought!

Brian Vickery
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