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Re: My answer to the big question..

Some historical points:
Scott Sweetland wrote:
Because O Sensei was a genius. While Aikido had it's roots in Shinkage Ryu kenjutsu and Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, as he progressed in his discovery of the Way, he moved farther and farther from those roots, until only the most basic form remained.
His study in the Shinkage ryu school was most likely quite brief if there was any real study at all (the records are fairly unclear on this point). Even Kisshomaru Ueshiba said that there was very little left of Morihei's early sword studies in his later movement. I don't think that you really have to go much further than Daito-ryu to see what his major influence was.
Scott Sweetland wrote:
This is what makes Akido a Do instead of a Jutsu, and this is why it became the straightest path to Budo. (even Jigoro Kano said so).
In "Aikido Kaiso: Ueshiba Morihei Den" K. Ueshiba recounts the quote from Jigoro Kano as:

"This is my ideal conception of budo, in other words, genuine Judo."

According to students who questioned Kano about the statement later the comment was meant in a broader sense - not in the sense that Aikido was superior to Judo.



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