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I disagree; completely and unreservedly.

First; what's best is not Aikido or Kung Fu or Ti Kwan Leep or a blend of arts; what's best is what the individual student finds most effective. Too often; those that state "This art/technique/combination is The Best" is stating what he finds best for him; believing it to be a blanket that covers all.

Second; my disagreements to the whole argument stems from the fact that people seem to imagine that the streets are just filled chock-full of screaming maniacs on every street-corner ready to jump out and maul every passerby. Look; I'm going to be frank; if you're having to use your martail-arts training to defend yourself weekly; your MA training is not the problem; your lifestyle is. This may be different in Dade County or inner-city Detroit; I don't know - never been there; but in the vast majority of places I've lived attacks are exceedingly rare; I've had to use my own training exactly twice in my life (not counting military action).

I've had a lot of people tell me how often drunks and other bad types wind up trying to attack them; in every single case, when looking at the situation, the complainer has been the cause of the situation by mouthing off; or by jumping into situations best left avoided, or by strutting downtown with MA T-shirts on literally daring people to attack.

Quick example: just happened Saturday. I was walking downtown; admittedly in the role I just mentioned: dressed in the TKD pants; light slippers and net shirt I habitually wear in summer. One guy - obviously drunk and very tough - took one look at me, cracked his knuckles and headed in my direction; his few friends in attendance. He was unquestionably spoiling for it. I gave him a big grin, and a hearty "Hey! Great night for a party eh?" He smiled back; said "Right on, dude!" and kept walking.

A huge digression; my point is that too often; MA practicioners are too ready to demonstrate their skills on others; and it often shows.

Third is my objection to this statement: "Sometimes you have to attack first". If a person attacks you; he is committing a crime. He is therefore a criminal. If you attack first in defence; you have initiated the attack; and are therefore the guilty party! YOU are now the criminal. Is that where you want your MA to take you, the successful commision of the crime of assault?

Scott's post was excellent; I think it covered the entire question nicely. I say congrats to him and good work - I look forward to more posts in the future.


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