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Pressure Points

Hi Forum!

I'm a brand new member and just thought I'd chip in here, I'm particularly interested in this topic.

I have to disagree with some of the comments that have been dismissing Kyusho techniques as unfeasble to 'pull off', in a real situation. When I first started Aikido I was sceptical that I could ever possibly have as much skill as my Sensei or my chief instructor, or be able to get such complience and control of uke through technique. I'm sure this initial feeling is true to many of you, and any other beginner in any other martial art - including the study of kyusho.

The fact is, if you train a certain way, you will more likely respond in that way when attacked. Unless the attacker is wearing a helmet, he will have all head pressure points available, also his hand points. As for clothing on the body, I have spoken to a respectable, very high ranking Kyusho-jitsu Sensei who has activated pressure points through Kevlar! (no joke).

Also those that are of the opinion that kyusho and Aikido are somehow separate, remember that it was Ueshiba Morihei himself who stated that; "..Aikido is 90% atemi.." (this qoute is acurate I think, there are a number of versions ranging between; 50% to 99%). I'm sure he wasn't just blindly throwing in punches then , especially since he studied both Daito-ryu and Yagyu Ryu, the later of which is particularly noted for its Kyusho techniques.

Regards to all,


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