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Dan Ross (Dross) wrote:
I usually use english. I know a bit of Japanese but it always feels so pretentious, especially when nobody there is Japanese.
Do you (plural, not YOU, Mr. Ross) wear Nike sweats or a DOGI?

Do you bow into the dojo and onto the mat and to your partner?



I use the Jpn, but I don't feel pretentious, but quaint. I'd much prefer training in fatigues (no more nose-dives courtesy of the HAKAMA), but with Jpn teachers still largely constituting the "charisma" of the art (to use Peter Goldsbury's term), I'd quickly be disenfranchised from participation in group activities. Jpn thank you just fits. (I wish intoning it'd improve my KOTE GAESHI/forearm return, though...)

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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