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I was looking for someone to understand me!!!

I have an quite big issue in my life. Thats the that i tried to explain. I don't like Christianity. It's something that i cant explain that chrashes with the aikido. And i don't consider Seagall as an spiritual leader but he made me se clearer.
But i stand at my point where Christianity. But this is important.
It is the christianitys mentality that is bad NOT the religon itself.
I haven't said that aikido is an religon but an philosophy. I now that many people doesn't like this subject beacuse it hurts their inner belives. I also did so in the begining, but i have come over it.
I said that the christianity destoys earth. Offcourse does other religons do so to. But is a said before the christian mentality that they are better than everyone else. I have to go may come more later this evening i like the subject

Johannes Davidsoon 6:kyu
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