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Tony Peters
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weapons vs tools

As both Dan and Richard said in aikido the boken and jo are tools to expand your understanding of Aiki not weapons to learn how to master. Classical Ryu tend to advance moving off the line as necessary but there is very little of the redirection and receiving that is so much a part of aikido and the other aiki related arts. Finding a true Iaido instructor is relativly easy in the US. Not true for Jodo, I doubt there are more than 12 true teachers of Jodo total between both factions in the US and only one Menkyo Kaiden (teacher qualified to give out rank) regardless. There are some folks who have had the Kendo Seitei Jo Kata however since that is at best a system taught to folks who play games (sorry but most of the martial intent is lost in the seitei kata's and the way they are performed) one isn't learning much there except how to swing a stick (just MHO mind you). You really are better of with straight aiki-jo unless you are with one of these teachers. The crossing/mixxing of philosophies is what will likely be the biggest problem for most people though.

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