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Gray Fox wrote:
Anyway, the next year, I broke my bone in a gym class, ouch, right? Wrong. I found that I had taught myself not to feel certain types of pain. How, stopped thinking
Hi Gray Fox and all the rest as well! I'm going to destroy the fun and say that 1. Most people that break a bone (or two) don't feel the pain because the adrenaline and a hole lot more hormones and nervsignalblockings litterally takes the pain away, for a moment. Then the pain comes back and more hormones etc. come and make the pain go away. This happens in waves and only in cases were the pain is "unbearable". This I "know" because I'm a biochemist. 2. So are you sure that it was your mind that made all your pain go away?

I have to say that I actually believe that you can make pain/discomfort go away by just don't think about it or think really really hard on something else. I know because a good friend of mine did it when he was whipped by his father in his youth. He told me that his trick was to focus all his energy and mind to a imaginary spot of light far away. Sometime he focused so hard that when he finally opened his eyes again it had gone almost an hour and he hadn't even realized when his father had stopped. He had in other words put himself in some kind of trans. And belive me this boy ferfected this skill, He had to. So sure I do belive in that.

Jakob B

Jakob Blomquist
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