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Excuse me for my grammar it isnt very good and so isnt my speling either.
Im 15 and from sweden so I hope you understand

I have been a christian all my life untill i became 14 and began with aikido. I have been a dedicated aikidoka ever since. But when i started to take my practice to a higher level i understud from the first moment that I trained Christianity and aikido didnt fit together. When i became 15 i saw the movie "On danrerous ground" with Steven segall where he in the end talked about the destruction of the earth. i understood from the first moment that this was christianity fault.
All other religions speeks about that everything has a soul and so on and tries to live in the way of nature. But christianity takes for granted that every thing exept christianty sucks if i may say so. They destroy and poison the earth.

All of my family is christian and has allways been so. My grand father is a fantic if i may say so and my father lives by the christian rules but it is something that isn't right with christianity. Can someone please tell me??????????

Johannes Davidsoon 6:kyu
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