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What do you consider "limping along" and how many students would you like? The dojo I attend is pretty small. At different points, we've been down to three students with only one or two showing up on a regular basis.

I've been studying there for almost four years, and we've never had more than 12 or so people on the mat at once (that I can remember anyway).

One thing that helped us was a change in venue. This past summer we moved to a location close to a major road. We painted a nice sign that's visible from the street. Now we get people dropping in on a fairly regular basis to check things out. Our attendance has gone up to five to seven students in each class.

To some, that may be "limping along," but the small class sizes lead to a lot of attention from our instructor. This, in turn, allows us to practice techniques that would be too advanced with less supervision.

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-Drew Ames
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