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hi I have been gone for awhile I was just reading about your "not thinking of pain thing.." (sorry if that is a bad way to put it.) anyhow once I had a moterbike crash and my need had 2 huge holes by the cap. I felt no pain because I was in shock. but the moment the docter put the needle to close the wound the pain keeped on comming. anyhow, I belive that you can stop feeling pain by thinking about it. The reasons are that: 1) your mind is a very powerful tool and can bend spoons like in the matrix! also a great yoga once said " if you stop thinking for 3 seconds you can see heavens kindom." 2) my other reason is when I bang my head or get a "small injury" I just stop thinking about the pain and ingore it and I feel 60% better already!

on the other hand there are stories of people flying already in Asia sorry grey!

"When the hand the heart and the mind are in the perfect harmony mericals ( great things) can be preformed" Andria the witch

after this post I will change my user name!
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