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Stu S
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As a beginner, I would like to learn more about pressure points because it seems to me that knowing about them would give additional alternatives. When I want to remind someone that attacking me was an error or a bad idea, being able to respond with a spectrum of pain/compliance techniques would give me alternatives to throwing them on concrete, which I am not confident at this point I could do without injuring them severaly. Even the basic aikido techniques I have learned so far can cause major injury if misapplied or over-applied by a beginner. On concrete just holding on through the end of a throw could do it.

In contrast, with exception of the vital points of the neck and head, it seems to me that most vital points are less susceptible to major injury caused by a beginner amped up on adrenaline in a frightening situation. I understand that part of my aikido education will be to learn to control the fear and the adrenaline. I am far from that now, though. In the meantime, it would be helpful to know where to poke/dig/jab precisely in order to lead to a good outcome with a minimum of damage. I have done some research and practice on this outside of aikido, but I wonder if there isn't some way these techniques could be incorporated to enrich my aikido practice. I am not looking for the magic one-two death poke. Just a persuasive short-duration touch.

Stu S
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