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awaken god???

is he sleeping?

should i follow that by poking a few sleeping bears and see if they understand the whole non violence scenario?

i don't consider a normal degree of force as violence until it crosses the line to actually hurting your training partner.

i don't like to train 'soft'. Sometimes i get stuck with "i'll tone it down cause she's a girl" which is sweet and very gentlemanly but if i get attacked on the street i won't be extended the same courtesy.

as for the amount of violence I'd use in a real life attack: as much as necessary to stop being hurt.

I don't train to learn how to hurt someone. I train to learn how not to get hurt. Its comforting to know that should someone want to thump me, I'll have a few options.

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.
--Isaac Asimov

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