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Gray Fox wrote:
I agree with you completely Shadow. I think that a human, once he/she learns how, can control any aspect of the human mind/body, but that is just the beginning of it. Again, if we ever become "enlightened" enough, we shall walk the earth, fearing nothing, because we know nothing can harm us. And we shall be able to live ease. And to tell the truth(this may diminish your belief in my insanity[if you had any in the first place], I don't think too highly of "science". All I believe this to be is a bunch of bs "facts" supported by nothing, or rather, things we discovered ourselves(and remember,I believe we have the power to make things what we believe it to be). Maybe, this began with the very first man, picking up a stone and saying believing it was hard, all the other humans saw this, thus, rocks became hard.

Well I beleive in science, science happens....but I'm not certain it's really as "scientific" as we think it is. It's all phenomonen and as I also mentioned before......the forces that power nature, electricity, science, etc can be harnassed by you can become in tune with ....the universe. I think that maybe the right motivation is needed though....walking the earth fearing nothing, but not be the right motivation. I'm not sure.

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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