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Violence...if we are all GOD then god would give himself love not violence! That is the limit of violence! Swords and knives should not be used even in practice...The limit is now, right now, stop violence now!

All these fighting martial arts should be banned, all violence should be banned, from TV books everything..Banned until it is understood by all.. If we are to evolve into emotionally intelligent beings emanating our true nature of spirit...

I would like to see people evolve so we can move on and LIVE for the first time in harmony together as one. Awaken your inner ki! Awaken GOD!
Banning something means forcefully restricting it and removing it from the menu of free choices people have. Like for example burning books.

To ban something is thus a form of violence. To enforce a ban means placing yourself in a position of dictatorship over other people.

Crazy hippies, when will you ever learn.
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