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I think we've all got a long way to go before we "walk the earth and fear nothing".
None of ushave it quite "together" yet.
The proof of this is simple enough. If you could maximize the full potential available in the human mind (as the cliche goes)
Then why would anyone want to stick around earth?
I certainly wouldn't.
I suppose when all is said an done, of what benefit is it that one does not feel pain? Or rather controls pain?
I suppose it may help in an emergency situation, but I also note that the same nerves that control pain also control pleasure. This can perhaps also have an emotional equivalent. Some people are so good at blocking pain (perhaps as a survival response)

-When two blades cross points,
There's no need to withdraw.
The master swordsman
Is like the lotus blooming in the fire.
Such a person has inside of them
A heaven soaring spirit.
- Tozan Ryokan
4th verse on the 5 ranks
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