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Gray Fox wrote:
I found that I had taught myself not to feel certain types of pain. How, stopped thinking. If you truly believe that you can't feel pain, and stop thinking of everything you were ever told, you won't feel pain.
Did you feel any sensation at all? What I'm wondering is, do you still feel the sensation and it doesn't bother you, or do you feel absolutely nothing at all?

I have discovered that it is possible to enter a certain frame of mind wherein you are still aware of the pain, but it doesn't bother you as before. Suddenly slipping back into your 'normal' mindset, however, results in feeling the 'initial' pain all over again. I achieved this once when, strangely enough, I was applying Caladryl to a rash on my arm. After wincing several times, I finally regulated my breathing and tried my utmost to put the pain out of my mind. Maintaining the mindset took a great amount of effort, but I was able to ignore the pain. I was still vaguely aware of it, but it didn't seem like I was the one feeling it, but like I was aware of someone else feeling it. Then I let my concentration break, and I was in loads of stinging pain once more. It's a very useful trick for those many occasions when I'm showering and someone decides it would be funny to flush the toilet...
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