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I believe that the rifles used back then weren't the same as rifles today. Has anyone found an accurate description of the make and model of those specific rifles? I know there are rifles which you pull the trigger and maybe half a second later the powder ignites and pushes the pill out the pipe. Flintlocks? Wheellocks? Muskets?

That would be more beliveable and would match up with what OSensei said about "seeing a yellow light" before the bullet came out of the gun which is obviously the powder igniting before the pressure spit out the bullet.

As for the second bullet-dodging with the expert marksman, I believe MU wasn't stupid and conceded, realizing that A. he wasnt a god or B. The expert marksman had a more modern rifle than the earlier firing squad members.

It would have been a terrible loss if OSensei let his ego get the better of him and tried to dodge a bullet and got shot.

So what if he did or didn't? Aikido is his legacy not dodging bullets. I don't see why people still argue about these trifles.
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