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Alright, I didn't know exactly where to stick this one, so, excuse me if this is out of place. I just wanted the chance to share my beliefs with you people and get your opinions(basically I want to verify that i'm not completely insane). Also, I wanted to see if one (or many) of you can improve on my thought. Call it selfish if you want, I call it...selfis. Anyway, let's get to the good stuff. Over the years I have taught myself many things. Now, this may seem odd, but I have taught myself to tolerate quit a bit of pain, like, broken-bone kind of pain. Now, I did this by asking myself one night when I was younger(when I was a wuss), "why do we have to feel pain". Well, after finding no acceptable answer, I asked "so why am I still doing it". Well, as you may know, there isn't any point in doing something that is not needed, so, I tried to stop. It never worked, so I stopped trying, stopped thinking about it. Anyway, the next year, I broke my bone in a gym class, ouch, right? Wrong. I found that I had taught myself not to feel certain types of pain. How, stopped thinking. If you truly believe that you can't feel pain, and stop thinking of everything you were ever told, you won't feel pain. That was my discovery. Now do you see why i'm concerned about my sanity? Well, good. Anyway, this has been my way of thinking ever since. If you want to fly, then spread your wings and jump, and don't stop jumping. Impossible? Humans have no wings, ou say? I say they do, I may be insane, but maybe in a few years I might be the only flying human. so maybe that was a bit extreme, but, give me your criticism, i want to argue.

-Benjamin Ward
The world breathes
And out forms this misconception we call man
But I don't know him
No, I don't know him
Because he lies, Say I
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