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Aikido essentials in Russian language

Hi All,
since two months we have a new student in our dojo who's coming from Lithuania. A guy double my size and weight with strength far far away from my strength, a real "Hulk":-). Years ago he's already studied some other martial arts like Judo, Jeet Kun Do, Kick boxing etc. Now my main problem is that he doesn't understand that he's hurting me while training. He always tries to use his strength instead of technic and if I'm telling him that it's too hard he's always smiling, saying ok and next time he's doing it again. I think, beside all other things, it is a simple language problem and maybe a misunderstanding for what Aikido stands for. So I thought it would be helpful if I cound print him some texts about Aikido in his own language.

Do we have a Russian member in this forum who can give me some links for websites I can print? Or can somebody send me some texts in Russian language just like I can find here in the "general" section from M. Ueshiba? I think although he's coming from Lithuania he will understand this language.

Thanks in advance! :-)
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