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Ki Symbol Re: When is rowing not Rowing

Shaun Ravens (Misogi-no-Gyo) wrote:
That being said, rowing is a great exercise, and if done correctly - i.e., with breathing - can dramatically improve one's ability to relax and find kokyu power by releasing one's physical power.

Abe Sensei said to me. "The secret of aikido, actually all budo, is to do everything with the proper breathing..." Well, that's not all he said the secret was...

This is not meant to argue, I am just genuinely curious about this view at appears to be a bit 180 from my training. While we certainly have breathing exercises, when it comes to movement Koichi Tohei Sensei's attitude to this seems to be to disagree and we don't teach any special breathing practice with the rowing exercise. A natural relaxed breathing is expected. He has said that tying a specific breathing pattern to movement is a weakness that can be exploited by an opponent. I have no trouble relaxing and tossing someone around who tries to stop me from the doing the rowing movement and I have never done it with anything other than natural breathing rhythm not tied to the movement itself.

what does proper breathing mean here ?

does it mean specific inhalation and exhalations at certain points in movement or something else.

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