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Have any of you read "Total Aikido (something or other" by Suenaka Sensei? My memory of the names and titles is not so good, but i seem to remember that he was an acquaintance of O'Sensei for on several occasions. In the biography section about his time with O'Sensei he mentions some of these 'powers'. An example, I think was of his use of the kotodama sounds. Also, as mentioned above, his prescence was overwhelming, his Ki almost a physical prescence and his use of Kiai amazing. I cannot remember the precise details of these encounters, but the general gist was that he believed O'Sensai to be capable of some not quite scientifically explainable stuff. Hearing on this site, and in reading various material on Aikido and O'sensei, this i feel is believable, ar rather, I want to believe these are true. Anyhow, it does no harm to Aikido to have these stories, as something to aspire to.

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