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Melissa Fischer
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Hi Kaitlin,

Drink lots of water with that naproxyn and don't stay on it too long. It's bad for your kidneys.

I've heard eating sugar in almost any form can trigger pain response in the nerves. Also, fish or linseed oil is recommended for all good functioning, brain and body. It's important to keep your spirits up when healing. I take a suppliment called MSM as well as antioxidents and I think these speed up nerve and tissue regeneration. I have no pain on this regime in combination with doing 10-15 hours of aikido each week and staying slim. Maybe I'm just lucky but this seems like a good general recommendation. I'm a 45 yr old housewife and hope to be doing breakfalls for a long time yet.Your condition may not respond to this but it couldn't hurt.

good luck,

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