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Ki Symbol Re: Re: What's the problem with Ki?

Robert H.G Burrell (Col.Clink) wrote:
If I taught mysticism, I don't think I'd have any students, maybe one or two at most. In fact, Peter made an excellent point...."but simply because it has taken on a loaded meaning which is far better described through physical terms". This is exactly how Ki testing is done, through the physical. Without that testing, I think Ki would be just that, a mystical term, and to some it still is, but each to their own.

When I meet someone else who studies Aikido, I think GREAT!! and can't wait to learn something new,...

Beautifully put Robert, I wholly agree.

Ki is taught through the physical not the verbal.

I leave the lectures on Ki to the senior teachers in Japan who seem to be totally comfortable talking about Ki (contrary to what Peter states).

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