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Re: What's the problem with Ki?

Bryan Bateman (batemanb) wrote:
I often wonder why people say things like this?

Many people over here in the west seem to have problems with the word "ki", in fact a 6th dan from Tomiki Aikido said to me at the weekend that he never used or mentioned the word in his classes.

Ki is a Japanese word that has many meanings, amongst them:

"heart", "spirit", "mood", "mind".

It's right there slap bang in the middle of Ai-ki-do, why is it such a problem for some that do the art?

I can hazard a guess to why some dislike it, but since we use it in its native form, I'm very interested to know what the issues are here?

Love, light, joy and laughter

Hi Bryan,

issues are pretty simple as you can tell by Peter's response. The fact that I follow Ki Society, to some would make me a moron or new age freak, or another derogatory term. To others, they can understand or accept that I'm not really any different, I only have a different approach to training than they. It doesn't bother me what others think, weather they make informed judgements or not. All that matters is what I think, and how it effects me & my students.

If I taught mysticism, I don't think I'd have any students, maybe one or two at most. In fact, Peter made an excellent point...."but simply because it has taken on a loaded meaning which is far better described through physical terms". This is exactly how Ki testing is done, through the physical. Without that testing, I think Ki would be just that, a mystical term, and to some it still is, but each to their own.

When I meet someone else who studies Aikido, I think GREAT!! and can't wait to learn something new, I don't care which school they come from. We have all got something to share and a story to tell. I don't have a problem with Aikido or ki, I have a problem with ignorance, but maybe that's because I can't get passed my own ( hope not). Bashing from any side (unfortunately to some there are sides) does Aikido in general a dis-service, but the issues, I fear, run deeper than many of us will ever come to understand.

We can break down the characters of Aikido and come up with many interpretations, but it's still Aikido, perhaps that was the secret after all. We are all different, but all the same.



"Excess leads to the path of Wisdom"
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