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Kaitlin Lozano (KaitlinCostello) wrote:
I have seen a chiropractor ( as I've had my back reset twice in the last six years, most recently about three months ago) and have found that having my joints manually manipulated has little or no effect on my pain. Temporary, maybe three weeks, relief at best.
Kaitlin! My experience with chiropractors is vast so I would like to comment on what you posted here. Whenever I require to adjust my sacrum that goes out from time to time, do to the sitting I do at my desk, I have to get several adjustments over a period of a couple of weeks in order to have it stay in its proper position. To help keep the sacrum in place I wear orthopedic inserts because another part of the problem is I have one leg that's about 1/4 inch shorter than the other.

I have had the same chiropractor for many years. Occasionally I tried different Chropractors out of convenience only to find out that there are far more bad chiropractors out there than good ones. Out of the many that I have seen, and I have seen many, there are only three that I can say are good at what they do.

Signs of a good chiroprator are.

1: He/she takes an x-ray before he/she ever lays a hand on you.

2: They also use physiotharapy in their practice.

3: They will tell you to come in for a follow up until the problem is rectified.

4: They promote the use of orthodics, or any other appropriate corrective device.

5: They give you strengthening exersizes to do.

If you have found that the chiropractor you were seeing was helping temporarily I suggest you see him again and make sure he follows up on you (no more than a week). Ask him to check if your legs are the same length, and use orthodics if they're not.

Between the orthodics and the exersize I get from training I rarely see the chiropractor any more. Hope this helps.
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