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What's the problem with Ki?

From another thread:

Erik Haselhofer (Erik) wrote:
I think this thread illustrates, quite well in fact, why I find the word ki so distasteful.
I often wonder why people say things like this?

Many people over here in the west seem to have problems with the word "ki", in fact a 6th dan from Tomiki Aikido said to me at the weekend that he never used or mentioned the word in his classes.

Ki is a Japanese word that has many meanings, amongst them:

"heart", "spirit", "mood", "mind".

It's right there slap bang in the middle of Ai-ki-do, why is it such a problem for some that do the art?

I can hazard a guess to why some dislike it, but since we use it in its native form, I'm very interested to know what the issues are here?

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