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Charles Hill wrote:

I haven't read any translations (other than Professor Stevens) that may be out there, but in the original account only your #1 and #4 are clearly correct.
See Jun's post. I was extrapolating the golden balls out of the eyes, or whatever it exactly was, as reading intent.
I just can't figure out why Shioda Sensei would either distort things or make them up.
I don't think he did. I think one of two things happened. Gun shots are distracting, particularly when you aren't used to them, and these weapons may or may not have thrown off smoke which would further add to the distraction. Add the heightened effect of someone possibly being shot and it's very likely perceptions were distorted. It's possible to run 25 meters in roughly 3 seconds. Hence, I think Morihei Ueshiba may have just moved quickly and it seemed like it all happened in the blink of an eye.

Alternatively, it's often hard to see our teachers as they really are. There is a tendency, if we aren't really careful, to give them powers and abilities which they don't have. There may have been some of that going on as well.
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