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Richard Elliott
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Discuss the article, "Honest Practice" by Jim Zimmerdahl here.

Article URL:
Mr. Zimmerdahl's article is both insightful and relevant. Thinking about what we say and what we mean both in others and ourselves, to me, is the way he has done, is what helps me to realize what it is I really want out of whatever activity I might be pursuing at any given time: Why am I here? What do I have to offer? Can I make a relevant contribution? Can I learn anything here? or anywhere else!?

Issues of security (insecurity), one's given comfort level with the activities and persons in a dojo all come into play.

Is it necessary to have a "pure heart" before entering any activity? Hardly. As Mr. Zimmerdahl's essay rightly implies I think: We learn by doing.

This kind of self-analysis is not easy. It takes payment of a special kind and it's not cheap: ATTENTION. But refusing to look at ones own life objectively, to me, is consequent to perhaps making the same seemingly random mistakes over and over and ...

Respectfully, Richard
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