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Charles Hill wrote:

I haven't read any translations (other than Professor Stevens) that may be out there, but in the original account only your #1 and #4 are clearly correct. According to Shioda Sensei, O'Sensei disappeared and then reappeared behind everyone and did the whole thing twice.
To elaborate (from Shioda's original account in Japanese), they tried to shoot Ueshiba twice, from a distance of around 25 meters. Shioda couldn't see him move the first time, so he tried to watch carefully the second time, but still couldn't see him move across that distance. His comment on the incident was that he could not think of it as anything other than "divine techniques" ("kami-waza").
Charles Hill wrote:
I, personally, highly doubt the stories. Everyone who has posted here apparently does as well. I just can't figure out why Shioda Sensei would either distort things or make them up.

I have no idea what Shioda was like in terms of truthfullness or story-telling.

I do agree, however, with the original sentiment about John Stevens. He takes a lot of criticism for over-exaggeration, but when I read the original Japanese sources I realized that the "over-exaggeration" rested more with the sources than the reporter. True or not, those stories are an important part of Aikido history.



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