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Charles Hill
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First, I want to make very clear that I have the deepest respect for Saotome Sensei. His books, interviews, and videos have been very influential on me. If I were to live in the U.S. instead of Japan, I would definitely ask to be allowed to join his organization.

Second, although I have never met George Ledyard, I have found his posts very enlightening and the articles on his website excellent. It is clear that he knows much more on many aspects of Aikido than I.

BUT, I don't understand the above post. I think that it is reasonable to doubt the incredible stories from the distant past. However, there is plenty of video of O'Sensei doing what I'd call "magic waza!" And some of that video features Saotome Sensei.

Of course, a lot of that stuff is what Terry Dobson refered to as O'Sensei's tricks. I took the statement to mean that it is not at all part of what O'Sensei considered Aikido. A friend of mine refers to it as the marketing of Aikido.

Mr. Ledyard, please understand that this post was written with the deepest respect.

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