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A couple of issues hit me on this thread:

1. The 4th dan no matter the age or sex appears to be immature in handling the situation. It is not only inappropriate behavior, but also reprehensible.

2. Is there another side? Does this 2nd kyu constantly aggressively or inappropriately throw other students on purpose? This sometimes occurs in seminars and tests where ego, adrenaline, bad hair day, or whatever intervenes and short circuits the intellectual ability of the nage. Ultimately, injury to another student in my opinion is the responsibility of the nage unless the uke just does something stupid. Deliberately attacking another is assault and probably has legal implications. If the second kyu has a history of causing pain or injury to others regularly then a better approach was needed. Talking/warning first, helping them experience the nature of their technique (here is how this feels when you do it to me or others and if you don't like it quit it), or suspension or removal from the dojo.

3. Perhaps someone was trying to be cute with the sexist remarks but I think few find this funny. Political correctness and just common courtesy should make us all sensitive to such comments. Keep them to yourself. Besides, us males are just as prone to hormonally driven behavior (testosterone frequently short circuits the brain in the male species) as females. And when we do it we are generally more dangerous. Therefore the comment is inappropriate and offensive.

4. Personally, I think this instructor has seriously damaged her status with her students and should be replaced or at best seriously reprimanded-regardless whether female or male. Inappropriate behavior is inappropriate behavior. Especially in an art of harmony.

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