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Nick Pittson (Nick P.) wrote:
I, like Christopher have heard it said that Aikido is, among many other things, learning to master yourself.

Sounds like the technical mastery of Aikido is well on it's way. The "core" has much work to do....

One of my instructors sayings which has stuck with me is.....

'Aikido is a physical martial art expressing an inner spiritual development, punctuated along the way with little coloured belts which keep us interested'

Im sure we can all relate

So working on this then does poor technique express a poorly or lesser developed inner self? (im thinking dan grades here not kyu grades obviously )

And if so then what do the actions of the female 4th dan express?.....whether shes is having a bad day, bad week, personal problems or is sexually frustrated like some seem to think!

The dojo is a place to go to train, forget everyday life and work on yourself through developing good technique....its not a stress buster no matter how many people think it might! I know a 1st dan aikidoka whose training was for pretty much the reason ive just stated and the technique was....well effective...but it certainly wasnt pretty! leaving the feeling that there was just something missing!?!?

Sorry if ive ranted and wandered a bit....just had to get it out

'The truth is that which is true, whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not'