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John Boswell
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Before I even address the completely stupid and immature reaction of that alleged 4th dan Aikidoka, I want to bring up my personally taking offense to others coming in here with sexist remarks!

Grow up, people! Anyone who can take a look at a childish fight breaking out.... in a DOJO no less... and then putting the blame on the fact that one of the parties is a woman, experiencing PMS, needs to get 'shagged' or whatever... ALL of this only goes to prove there is a great deal of maturity left to be found by some here on the boards. My disappointment is beyond discription.

As for the assult: I'd have thrown her out of the dojo (had I been the instructor) and not let her back (except to apologize to everyone, especially the Nage) for six months minimum.

This topic is far from a joking matter. FAR from it...