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I think people who feel that their reaction might have been different with a male instructor should speak in their own voice ("if it had been a male instructor, I don't think I would have been wondering ..."). It really troubles me when people speak for others.

I think that the comment about sexual frustration would have been equally inappropriate whether the yudansha was male or female.

I think that I would want to know why the yudansha had gotten so frustrated whether they were male or female.

Central to this story is that despite the fact that the yudansha assaulted a 2nd kyu student "with punches and kicks," nobody got hurt physically. This could happen with a very small male yudansha, but there are more small women than small men. The fact that no one got injured helps me look beyond the obviously innapropriate behavior and ask about reasons.

I'm also interested in what Drew is looking for.

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