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Instructor assaults Student

I have witnessed recently a disturbing scene and I would like to share it with you.

A 4th Dan female instructor has physically assaulted with punches and kicks to the face a 2nd Kyu male student who was kneeling in seiza on the mats. The reason: during Kakari Keiko of Suwari Shomenuchi Irimi Nage, he threw her harder than her ego was expecting. She just stood and attacked him while he was still kneeling, waiting to receive the next Uke. Fortunately the weight and size difference between the 2 parties was too great for her to cause any serious damage to the student.

Although it was actually quite funny to watch, I was also very shocked that this could happen in an aikido dojo and will wait to see what kind of measures the organization to which this instructor belongs will take against her. Will keep you updated.

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