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Bronson Diffin (Bronson) wrote:
In Seidokan funakogi undo (as we also call it) is an integral part of many of our techniques as a balance breaker. It teaches us to initiate movement with the hips and follow with the hands.

Oh and yes Bruce we do get the occasional push to test our stability while doing this and other exercises.

Yep, that's how I was taught. I use it as an exercise in practicing moving the one-point rather than leading with the upper body. It's also a helpful exercise to employ before randori.

Ian, the drop back is more for learning how to use your hips to draw uke closer to you. If you use that motion coupled with getting off the line, you have some great technique (Use this big-time for ryotemochi sasoikomi [makiotoshi], for instance -- ikkyu or nikkyu exam technique in Seidokan).

In that light, don't overlook the first half for the same reason. There is tremendous benefit to learning how to use your body to extend in front of you with your one-point.

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